1. Beverly Craig Haley Beverly Craig Haley United States says:

    I was dx with CFS in 1995, then FM in 2003. The doctors that write about pain meds not helping make me so angry!!!! I worked in very physically strenuous jobs ( sandblasting, construction, professional painting) in my younger years. I loved being active, playing softball till I was 29, boating, white water rafting, horse backing in the mountains, volleyball, hunting, going to the gym. You get the picture. I was very reluctant, to start taking pain meds, in 2004. My doctor assured me this was the best way. So, I did. The pain meds gave me a quality of life for another 5 years, I would not have had. However, now at age 61, with the pain meds I can get out of bed, maybe go to the store, maybe make my doctor appointments. Without the meds, I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT FUNCTION AT ALL! Makes me sick, that I have no quality of life, that I cannot travel any longer with family and friends, that I cannot work or exercise. This wonderful report that fails to mention the patients that not only have FM, but have CFS, DDD, and on and on. So when we go into our doctors, all they want to focus on is "the new reports say pain meds do not help FM" NOT, " you need to exercise" DO YOU NOT SEE I HAVE CFS????, exercise puts me in the bed for days!!!! As for the serotonin up-takes...NOT...I have tried them all over the last 20 years. What I would give to have my life back!!! I do remember my mother (adopted) telling me my entire life that I had no tolerance for pain. Never gave it much thought till they came out saying this is something we probably have had from birth. Which I do believe, due to the fact my 39 year old daughter has been fighting it for 2 years now! My heart goes out to each and everyone of you that have this horrid syndrome, however, for you younger patients that still have more good days than bad, ENJOY and know your odds as you get older will change, if they do not find the root to this evil. In closing, I beg any and all doctors that feel the need to put their name on a report, that they are still guessing about....PLEASE STOP!!! It is hard enough for us to get what we need to just function and try to take care of ourselves, without you all making it almost impossible!!!

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