1. Lisa .Manville Lisa .Manville United States says:

    When my symptoms first began my doctor told me to stop wearing tight jeans, I did. When that didn't help he said I must stop sleeping on that side, the other side has a titanium hip I don't like to sleep on. He sent me to a doctor who sent me to test for blood clots in my legs. I let time go by between visits because I was frustrated that they didn't seem to understand my problem. I finally mentioned to my orthopedic surgeon the symptoms and he sent me to the correct doctor. I will never forget what it felt like to have her tell me what my symptoms were. 4 years after meeting her and getting a correct diagnosis I moved 1200 miles away. My story has a moral, don't wait for the doctor to figure out what's wrong, hound them because by the time I learned why I have nerve pain, much less what it is, I was told the damage is too far gone for treatment. I could not function without pain meds and gabapentin helps me sleep at night.

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