1. Gangus Khan Gangus Khan United States says:

    From the professional PoV why is no one explaining how these Type A viruses CHANGE?
    They CHANGE in 2 ways. 1. Antigenic DRIFT > Adaptive to region/climate/people/conditions over TIME!  ....it does not happen overnight and they don't spread out of their base region Instantly ever. Unless helped or planted and traveling via person to person.

    This is DRIFT CHANGE and is not the 2nd way in which Type A virus can Change via SHIFT!
    Shifting is cyclic every 15 to 20 yrs. Genetic SHIFT is the only way a vaccine may require adjustments... but not CREATING a whole new Genetically Based Vaccine needing the New Virus DNA needs to be Sequenced! ...this is the TRUTH.... not hyperbole or propaganda to build FEAR!  ..Inovio will have the 1st viably SAFE Vaccine Intradermally not NEEDLES/SHOTS!

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