1. Alan Cartwright Alan Cartwright United States says:

    With all due respects to other two commentors, ABA therapy works and works well. I cannot account for the opinions of the other two commentors about ABA but respect them for what must have been a tragic experience - most likely in a school setting where inexperienced or untrained therapists were used. ABA has been proven effective clinically. It has worked wonders for my daughter. She was non verbal and diagnosed with ASD and global developmental delay when she was 2.5 years of age and today at seven, with 5 years of ABA behind her, she is in typical kindergarden at the head of her class in reading, spelling and math. She still has some autistic behavior to be sure but we are working on those behaviors with her ABA therapists and BCBA. Her therapy is done in our home so we have total control over the program. Is ABA a magic bullet? It may not have been a magic bullet but it sure was a golden bullet for our daughter.

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