1. arezou mh arezou mh Iran says:

    My name is Arezou Motamed Haeri, I had amblyopia as a child and it was because of genetic problems. My parents found out when I was 8 and mostly the ophthalmologist indicated that it cannot be cured.But at last 2 of them expressed that the problem can be cured and I started to do the treatment and at the age of 10 it was really gone and my physician told me that there is no need to even wear the glasses but now at the age of 31 another ophthalmologist recently told me that I still have the problem. either it`s not gone at all or it`s back after too many years which I think is impossible.  Now I just have some questions ; what will happen to my left eye which still has the problem? Am I loosing it ? And is there a way to have my vision back again,even by having amblyiopia or there is no way and I will get worse?
    Thank you

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