1. Jay Cathran Jay Cathran United States says:

    NO!. Ignorance breeds more Ignorance. Who do you think CREATES THE STANDARD? The Majority, The Ones in Power, etc. Homosexuality is demonized because the Majority "Claims" to be Heterosexual. EXACTLY the same way that BLACK People were demonized when "The Majority" was White people. The article is stating FACTS about Animals of ALL different species, and how this has been known for CENTURIES, but never been talked about because of BIAS. The fact is that the research shows that Homosexuality is every bit as Natural as Heterosexual behavior, and it only got it's bad wrap, because of people that are SCARED! And at the end of the day, in my experience, people that are ignorant  and dedicated to their beliefs will not believe anything you tell them EVEN if you have Undeniable PROOF. That is a prime example of Ignorance. Choosing to not believe the truth because it doesn't fit well with your lifestyle, religion, etc.  I can't believe that people still care about someone's sexuality. Noone thinks twice about all the horrible things they see on the news everyday, all the terrible things that their children are exposed to on a daily basis, etc, etc. But they get all Heated because a Man is with another man, or woman with woman. Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of human history, it's nothing new. And it wasn't always Taboo either. Just like Eating Red Meat every meal and lots of Fatty Foods wasn't always Taboo for your health. Times change, the world changes, and you either adapt or die. That's the real Darwin.  Sidenote: I was in the closet for many years, and every Person I have ever personally known that despised Gay people, and talked about it all the time, WAS GAY!. Talk to any real therapist or psychologist, when you point out a flaw in someone else it is something you see in YOURSELF!. And that is the reason it affects you the way it does. Or it is something that you are scared of in Yourself. Therefore, it is YOUR PROBLEM, NOT theirs. I live my life to be happy and don't worry about other people's problems. I have way too many of my own to deal with. And more than anything, I have way too many flaws that I know of myself, to go around trying to point out other people's or trying to judge others. It's Easy to say being Homosexual is Bad, when you are Heterosexual. You Dont know WHAT you DONT know!.

    I have personally met lots of men that also were married with kids, that went to the gay club on the weekends or spas to have anonymous hookups with men. They ofcourse never told anyone, but the POINT is that it is much more common "More of a Majority than realized" and  therefore Natural or Standard, NOT the exception. That's my 2 cents. Believe what you want to , Live and Let Live,  

    I believe in Facts, being kind to others, and trying to have empathy and understanding of others, not judging, and Living my best life being the Best version of Myself I can be. If your upbringing or religion teaches you something different , then that goes directly against what the Bible is all about. Good day!.

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