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  1. Phil Gardner Phil Gardner United Kingdom says:

    I served in thr RN during the Gulf war and had the vaccines and naps tablets.I developed sleep apnoe and have a heart nerve block plus other health issues.I was super fit whilst serving in the Gulf and came back with all these health problems.Now don't tell me that these things are a figment of my imagination.

    • Sherry Chestnut Sherry Chestnut United States says:

      my husband juts had to have a pacemaker installed due to a nerve block issue and he has sleep apnea now where he was ok while in service. Its been a while sicne but he also has had a tia stroke and suffers from unaccounted headaches that last just a few minutes and then leaves him tired for a while after it. He was told he has to prove these are from the gulf war. How does he do that?

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