1. Margit Willems Margit Willems United States says:

    I was diagnosed with fibro in February, 2007, after many long history of complaining about severe pain, insomnia, headaches and heart palpitations.  By end of 2007, I was ready to get off of the meds due to more side effects and very little improvement in fibrofog and pain.  I started seeing an integrated medical doctor slowly took me off of the medications - a cocktail of seven pills. Before the fibro set in I was hardly ever taking even a pain pill.  In addition, I also was diagnosed with chemical sensitivities, lactose and gluten intolerance. So between the fibro symptoms and my sensitivities I had reached a point were I was no more sure what was worse. In 2008, I also had to leave my job due to the condition. I went to Germany to find answers. As mentioned above, I also take magnesium to help me with restless leg syndrome.  But I did not stop there. As painful as it was I picked up yoga, followed a strict diet - no preservatives, gluten and lactose, and few other things. I also changed my career - a 360 degree career change. While I still have some flare-ups I am able to manage it. One things I have learned is to reduce and keep the stress manageable, get my sleep, eat right and exercise (not always easy, but as long as I pace myself I am ok). I hope to get around writing more articles and a book on the subject real soon.

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