1. Zeigeist2012 Zeigeist2012 United States says:

    Liberal scientists, who are probably gay lovers themselves, out to promote the liberal, propagandist, agenda, like the global warming scientists who are shredding email to cover up the lies they have been spreading to the public to get more money from the tax payer….
    Gay unions and homosexuality is a perversion of natural law and of the institutions that bond men, woman, family, and society together in a positive functioning unit that nations are built upon. These delicate God given bonds enable a nation of people to unite and stand up for the good of the nation against those who wish to impose their will, choices, and life-styles on the nation in order to corrupt it, control it, or destroy it. People who wish to undermine, control, or  destroy the social bonds that hold a nation together in peace, love, truth, and harmony (as best as is humanly possible) suffer from an "I wanna play `God syndrome''. This `God syndrome' is demonstrated by those who mutalate themselves in a feeble attempt to change their God given sexual orientation, and by those trying to change the perverse into the natural, and normal, by imposing it on the rest of us and our children.... I found that such people cope with, and view, the world around them through different aspects of a fragmented super-ego, their inner most lens/lenses that affects deviant behavior in other areas of their choices, life-styles, and actions on a deeply personal, spiritual, and psychological level. I further believe these `God syndrome' personality types are responsible for much of the chaos and moral decline we all must face and deal with in our world today on a daily basis.... God Bless the American people who stood up and voted against the agenda of perversion and destruction-you all helped to postpone our country from completely becoming Sodom and Gohmorah....

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