1. Jeanette Barrett Jeanette Barrett United States says:

    I have Bonnet Syndrome, have had it for at least four years, and generally enjoy the unexpected hallucinations, which only happen first thing in the morning when I first open my eyes.  They last only a second or two and some are so fantastical that I wish they would hang around for long enough that I could study them.  My first was a solid ball of sparkling gems of every color and shape, all of them wrapped with a string of beautiful white pearls.  I would love to see that one again but, alas, you don't get to pick and choose what your brain presents for you.  I enjoy them.  But I've had eye doctors - specialists in fact - who have never heard of the syndrome and think I must be psychotic when I bring up the subject of "my morning hallucinations."  Fortunately, I had one very astute eye doctor who relieved my distress over these hallucinations by explaining Bonnet Syndrome to me years ago.

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