1. dave dave United States says:

    Ms Lawson is promoting an occupational strategy of more and more biomedical research -and that research has lead to more knowledge but not better results for people in pain. Ms Lawson should know as late as 2008 Patricia Grady of the pain consortium indicated neuropathic pain has been neglected in research. We as a Nation should not regard researchers opinion as being expert but should view them as interested in continuing to serve their own need to continue to do more and more research ad infinitum without being democratically accountable to the public. If Ms Lawson was very concerned about neuropathic pain she might speak to better methods of research like the Brunswick Lens Model, Systems Biology. But as one American reporter indicated- biomedical research has been as rewarding as the AIG bailout. Its time researchers be held to a higher standard- the public good. Instead they wish to continue to serve their curiosity at the publics expense.

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