1. P Lynch P Lynch United Kingdom says:

    My main aim in writing to the Royal College of Physicians, was to present the other side of the scientific evidence.  The Royal College received much correspondence on the matter and between us we supplied hundreds of references.

    As for me, I was diagnosed 15 years ago, long before we had the internet where I could have been brainwashed.  I had had many tests for hypothyroidism over the years, but they all came back within range.  When I say all, I mean TSH and FT4, at the time I never had tests for anti-bodies or T3.

    I actually read an article in the health pages of a magazine, which although I already knew the symptoms of hypothyroidism, it really made me think that over the years, a diagnosis had been missed.

    I went to my local library and read bona fida, medical books on the subject and also sent off to the British Library for copies of medical papers that I had seen in the references.  

    A female doctor on looking at me said she couldn't believe the diagnosis had been missed as you only had to look at me, dry skin, so dry in fact it was like fish scales on my hands and I could peel it off, missing outer eyebrows, dry hair, muscle pain, then there was the anaemia, lack of concentration etc.

    I have just looked at the British thyroid Foundation list of signs and symptoms and they could have been describing me!

    Nobody ever measured my T3; nowdays, I have soft skin and my eyebrows have partially grown back, I don't have anaemia, but I have been left with the pain, but nowhere near as bad as it was.

    I know a top Endocrinologist told a friend of mine that having had the muscle pain for so long, that it would be unlikely to go completely.

    Regardless of that, I can do things now I couldn't do 15 years ago. Liothyronine has given me a life as I know it has others.  

    • Dawn Dawn United Kingdom says:

      Me too, P Lynch, I was a sufferer long before the internet and I suffered greatly for many years. I wasn't tested for T3 or TPO's either and it wasn't until I found out about these things on the internet I asked for a test and bingo, I had Hashimotos disease.

      I had been treated based on annual TSH tests with levo and looking back on my old medical notes I was going hyper /hypo all the time, my illness had been almost ignored in favour of bandaging the co morbid ailments that went along with it.

      Disgusting that anyone can endorse this behaviour.

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