1. Joshua Feliciano Joshua Feliciano United States says:

    This was a Far-fetched, out of touch, BS article... Trying to create yet another "conservatives" vs "liberals" narrative out of nothing. The argument (if any) was more about the spred COVID, and that masks a.) didn't have the power stop the spread of the virus b.) prohibited them from breathing claiming health risks and c.)Was against their rights as an American and obviously as a human to be forced to wear them. There were little to no claims or complaints (during the COVID era) about masks hindering communication or affecting social interaction. We know this because each October 31st, (in America anyway) we celebrate Halloween. A vast majority of people wear a type of mask or face covering on this holiday and go door to door trick or treating. Most walk away with exactly what they asked for...candy. Masks are not the enemy.

    • Gina Van Luven Gina Van Luven United States says:

      There is a huge difference between wearing a mask for a couple of hours on a holiday and wearing it day after day. I don't understand how you could think it would not hinder communication, as it most certainly does!

    • Stark RavenMad Stark RavenMad United States says:

      This is a BS article but not for the reasons you stated. You’re comparing wearing a Halloween mask for a couple of hours, which by the way gets uncomfortable for a lot of people, to wearing a mask for every single social interaction you encounter and possibly eight hours on end. And you say that doesn’t have any affect on social interaction. You must’ve gone to the Biden school for intellectuals

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