1. Serina Delmar Serina Delmar United Kingdom says:

    The authors of this document seems to have completely ignored the American opioid crisis. if taking medications from intractable pain patients who need them to function had any effect on illicit drug use/overdose, overdoses would not now be skyrocketing. Though given that less than 2% of overdoses had a medical prescription, this is not only illogical, contradicting medical science (including ignoring an entire cohort of studies demonstrating opioids are efficacious for the subset of patients with intractable pain), but dangerous. The immense suffering and patient suicides since the CDC 2016 guidelines aside, this move will have no affect on illicit drug overdoses.

    deleting comments begs the question why are you asked for comments in the first place.

    • Stacey Hartwell-Fields Stacey Hartwell-Fields United States says:

      We are seeing exactly what you describe here in the U.S. and we expect it to keep getting worse as they are now denying proper pain care after surgery as well as denying proper care for patients with cancer and MANY other seriously painful diseases. It looks like PROP has infiltrated the U.K. and your officials are listening to the WRONG people as they did here in America. Government officials going along with this unethical policy need to be ousted from office. I urge you to file a case with the U.N. against your government for this unethical, inhumane policy.

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