1. Hudstar Hudstar Australia says:

    I did some bible study to be fair to religion vs everything else. I read up on Adam and Eve.... the original procreators from gods garden. I understand the fable of creating people out of this god's rib - makes a story about how we are in gods image, adding his rib is like adding egg to a cake mixture - helps it hold better. So adam and eve are us, one man and one women.... ok like a mum and dad placed on this new earth.  Now I get confused. So this eve ate an apple because a snake told her to (snakes are scary I guess, I can't see bambi telling her to do something bad so already Im thinking mind manipulation at work here) So anyhow snakes are bad, eve is good. Eve ate the apple and then knew all about sin , .... so then how could we have evolved if she only had sons? No mention of her bearing a daughter? So, according to the bible and looking at it in basic logical terms, we evolved out of incest?   Sorry, that is sooooooo ridiculous! I know archeological fossils provide evidence of human evolution. I like the theory of two human species competing and Neanderthal missing out. DNA proves more in linking us with our closest relatives.... so I'm being creative here - maybe one of eves' sons met up with a chimpanzee and you know..... procreated to create Neanderthal people and giving us close DNA matches. Maybe out of that match some family members skipped the bogus gene pool and evolved into modern us. Either way, each scenario tells us we are animals. Face facts, imagination made up of ego, domination and some unknown fear is what creates such fear about sex - unionship that is not found in animals. We are just a species of animal so I guess this research is a real threat. I seriously cannot view any religious argument as evidence for an argument.  

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