1. Ray Ray United Kingdom says:

    The continued indoctrination from the homosexual and pro-homosexual lobby is very tiring. It is full of distortions, half truths and downright lies.  For the truth to come to the fore there needs to be impartiality for a start. There are so many faults in their arguments it is not possible to know where to start. It is a waste of time of course, as they are partial and will only believe what they want to.The term "homosexuality" in animals is given such a wide scope as to he devoid of any genuine meaning. The actual homosexual orientation of animals is actually extremely rare. There is also incest, cross breeding, the eating of their own young in nature.

    • Tanukisan Tanukisan Australia says:

      The "indoctrination" is all one way and has been going on for about 1500 years; ever since Constantine manufactured Christianity to unify the Roman population in an attempt to restore the empire. Fortunately, it's power seems to be on the decline.

      If the success of the homosexual members of society in their attempts to win back those human rights that the advent of the Abrahamic religions' political and military power have denied them for so long is such a threat to you, perhaps you would be happier living in a more repressive society. I'm sure some of the more vigorously conservative Islamic countries would welcome your attitudes with open arms.

      Feel free to slam the proverbial door as you leave if it will make you feel any better.

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