1. wchuang25 wchuang25 Canada says:

    It's the previous infection and not the hybrid.  I know people who had vaccination and suffered and people without vaccination that barely had any symptoms.

    All a vaccine is, is a mugshot of the bad guy and all these new vaccine are is a picture of the hat (spikes) the bad guy is wearing.  Don't get me started on the these current vaccines using your body a the manufacturer if these spikes. Not security expert would allow something like that into a country or computer system, the stupidity in allowing the vaccine to hijack your body like that.

    In truth it's the experience your body had and how the body actually deals with previous infections.  Basically it's equivalent to a guy watching a video of karate (vaccination) or a guy who fought the same guy or similar guy in the UFC previously (infected with something similar or same).  Which guy would win if put in the Octagon to face another  fighter or the same fighter?

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