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    Chan mengsoon Chan mengsoon Singapore says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Singaporean, and had suffered from meningitis when I was a college student in the US. My suffering was excruciating especially when one runs out of pain killer; the constant random poundings of the head unbearable; my suffering lasted 6 months( first 3 months were terrible).
    Fortunately, with god blessing, I recovered. One must be determine to survive through this ordeal; hence I kept moving around, exercised as much as I could; these processes ,I believed ,strengthened my recovery process.

    I have already my son in the teen vaccinated, but when spoken to the doctor who vaccinated my son, he seemed unconcern, and no further explanation or encouragement to suggest the importance. I was very disappointed .

    In Singapore, vaccination is not popular and not promoted well; hence most parents are unaware of these deadly virus.

    I hope I can help to contribute to the awareness programs which I wish to pursue.


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