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  1. Carol Meerschaert Carol Meerschaert United States says:

    As the Executive Director of AXYS, the Association for X & Y Variations (genetic.org), an advocacy, education and support organization for individuals with X & Y chromosome variations and their families, I applaud your article helping raise awareness of XYY.

    Many boys and men with 47,XYY have no symptoms at all. Others can demonstrate significant developmental and behavioral issues. Approximately 30 percent of affected boys have mild autism, but nearly all develop functional language skills.

    We offer support groups and information for those with XYY. Please visit genetic.org for more information.

    • Kurtb Kirby Kurtb Kirby United States says:

      I didn't think there were people who were involved in the variations of X and Y.  Your comment is so helpful to me. I was told of a suspected Klinefelters syndrome when I was 15 and hadn't started developing any signs of (male) puberty.  I haven't confirmed it yet as I'm still learning more and more about this syndrome.  I literally had no pubic or body hair up until 18-20 when I was already incarcerated in state prison. Being in prison placed higher level security due to my behavioral issues, but with the looks of a prepubescent teen was a pretty terrible experience.  I paroled at 21 years old at 6'6" tall and no facial hair. Even at 36 years old I still can't grow a beard. Worked out everyday and still little progress with muscle growth. I do have a nice perky set of 'b' cup breasts though.

      I hope to chat with you and others on genetic.org.

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