... in response to Increasing Semen Volume
  1. jay holland jay holland United States says:

    Try it.  4 bucks at gnc.  Works like a charm.  It's a shame that even medical doctors can get away with disseminating(pun intended) false information to the public, and face no repercussions.

    Seriously, this article was 'conceived' out of the simple thought process that she is a doctor and doesnt even have to research.  The very thing we pay Doctors outrageous fees, under the premise they have done so extensively.

    Way to totally jack your own credibility, Doctor.

    Those branded pills may or may not contain the aforementioned ingredient, as there are many many others. In fact, I stumbled upon this article to try to figure out what is causing me to have almost double volume these past few days.  One of the things I took was mentioned here. I had to stop taking soy back in the day, but it should be safe enough for most.

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