1. MECFS War MECFS War Canada says:

    50 years after the WHO organization first classified Myalgic encephalomyelitis as a neurological disease at G93.3, with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome following in 1992, the NIH released a study on the cardinal symptom of the disease.

    Rather than providing funding for replication and validation studies of emerging biomarkers such as the Nanoneedle, it chose to hold focus groups.

    ME/CFS has double the disease burden of HIV, and lower quality of life than congestive heart failure. Yet, the NIH only funds ME/CFS research at 7% of disease burden, or 14 Million a year.

    In total, more than 7 Billion dollars is missing from ME/CFS research, and this is the only reason why it is so mysterious.

    What isn't mysterious is that 80% of the patient population are women and one wonders if a patient population was carrying double the disease burden of HIV and that patient population was men if 7 Billion dollars would magically appear to fix it.

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