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  1. Dawn Johnson Dawn Johnson United States says:

    What if it is all of the things that she says, BUT it started from the contamination of the environment.  Generation after generation of ingesting the food, water, drinks, and everyday use of soaps, lotions, everyday essentials.  There are two factors in all of those things which are pesticides and chemicals.  Both disrupt our entire body. From our parents to the sperm and egg hooking up.  It alters our DNA after decades of continuous use.  Check out the TedTalk of Professor Tyrone Hayes.  The influx of transgenderism isn't because people are opening up to it.  No, the environment was altered.  Everything in the evnvironment was altered and Oligarch's of the world knew it then and now.    You can study each molecule or bacteria.....it will always come back to contamination or posioning.

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