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  1. Amanda Altamirano Amanda Altamirano United States says:

    Dr. Bettleheim was right! As a teacher, I have seen a bunch of autistic people and not one of them didn't have a refrigerator mother or a damaged father (one or the other).

    • Verbal Orchid Verbal Orchid United States says:

      I am FAR from a frigid or distant mother, and my daughter is autistic. Her father is quiet, intelligent, and non-violent in either speech or manner. Theory = DISPROVED.

      • Hilary Gratzinger Bowden Hilary Gratzinger Bowden United States says:

        I agree with you my son is autistic and I am far from frigid! My husband is a high functioning autistic with a way above normal IQ, my 3 year old autistic son can tell you the difference between a hexagon, pentagon, and octagon.  Autism is not bad it is a different way of thinking.  I am supportive and my husband is too.  He knows that he is the only one that will truly be able to relate to our son.  I am working on my bachelors to be a teacher and I found Amanda Altamiranos comment offensive!

    • Mary Healey Mary Healey United States says:

      AS a teacher of over 40 years,it's really sad to hear an educator display such a "lack of awareness and education". WE all know that in the field of Science there are never"absolutes"; and evolving discoveries will always change the way we view any subject.  HOw then ,can an educator propose such condonement of sheer egoism on the part of some Dr.? Shouldn't educators be the ones teaching our youth to check the facts ,no matter where the statement arises?

    • Chris-Anna Mathews Chris-Anna Mathews United States says:

      It has nothing to do with vaccines either they have done research on this and debunked it

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