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  1. german fernandez german fernandez United States says:

    There is a medicine that was created over 50 yrs. ago that was not meant to prevent the outbreaks of hsv-1 (fever blisters/cold sores) that I take when I feel the symptoms of the tingling aorund the mouth and when my immune system is down.  I take this once before the virus attacks and I son't have to go through those days of having cold sores on my mouth.  I have been free of cold sores now for over 10 yrs.  I have been trying to get in touch with some of the pharmaceutical companies with no avail.  This medicine costs less than $5.00 and will carry you for one year or more with no incidents of outbreaks.  The good part of it is that when you feel the virus about to attack your system you attack it a different way other than what pharmaceutical companies do.  I need someone to contact me for more information.  I have been living with hsv-1 for over 25 yrs. but now I can say I can live with.  NO outbreaks and I feel good after I take my medicine...simple as that.

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