1. Shaggy huggins Shaggy huggins United States says:

    We just visited today at NY Animal Clinic Manhattan gave us the sad news of SARD for my precious 9yr old Shaggy. He'll be doing a ERG test as a follow-up.  funny prior to Shaggy's very sudden blindness 2 weeks ago, he was on Matacam Steriod after having surgery on his anal glands, so am hopin that didn't play a part in his blindness. Also earlier in the summer, while we were away, our dog sitter fed him cold cut and when we came back, he was going crazy for food, drinking lots of water, pooping, and peeing at odd hours of the day, he gained 6lbs in 3 weeks and haven't lost it since.  After numerous tests and visits to the vet his body stabilized and is now eating normal, but the sudden blindness appeared.  Plse advise if anyone had similar experience with their dog.
    Anxious and upset in Astoria, NY.

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