1. Alexis Baranek Alexis Baranek United States says:

    So the only TRUE hypothyroidism is one where the thyroid stops functioning and the person goes into a total decline?  There are no DEGREES of hypothyroid that can cause symptoms for years and ruin a person's quality of life?  The high choloesterol that ends up being treated with dangerous stains, the depression and tiredness that ends up being treated with Antidepressants that have BAD side effects - all the other things - they all don't really exist unless one is EXTREMELY hypothyroid and has a HIGH TSH?  Give me a break?  IF you are a medical professional you are doing a great disservice to your patients - LOOK at all the comments by so many here?  For those of us who suffered with various symptoms for years (YES - we DID) and the many that still are - WHY would a safe treatment with the one thing our body isn't making enough of be the answer as opposed to dangerous drugs and being told it's all in our head!  SICKENING!

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