1. Skylair Skylair United States says:

    I'm 17 and my name is skylair. I had the worst experience of my life. I think others should know my story. Yesterday I smoked some fake and I was in hell litterly I thought I was Dying I will never touch it again. I don't remember blacking out... I was standing in a kitchen with my boyfriend. I started to be in a whole different world.. I didn't remember anything not anyone nothing. I could hear voices but couldn't see anyone and couldn't recognize any of them. I felt like I had a sezsure. I  felt so alone so confused didn't know I was even human. I thought I was just a voice in a black space that was there forever and never ending I thought I was about to die when I stared to snap back in it I asked my boyfriend what happen he was scared I wasn't going to come out of it he said my eyes were open and it was like myfeet were stuck to the ground and then I shut my eyes. I wasn't responding to anyone at all it seemed like forever but it had only been a few minutes.. I had to go out side bc I thought I had a sezsure and I was hurt I then threw up out side a lot. It got me almost sober. Sober enough I knew I was human. I then walked over to a car to look in a meror to see if I was okay. I was but I didn't feel like I was though. This took place at lke ten in the morning I felt horrible the whole day. I still don't knowwhat happen but I know I will neverever do it again It is not worth risking my life over.

    • patrick sheehan patrick sheehan Australia says:

      hi skylair, i have been smoking fake weed for quite some time now, and never experienced any problems, untill the other day when i got a new brand, within minutes i knew something was terribly wrong, and i became more and more inverted and afraid untill i blacked out and experienced only what i can describe as an outer body experience which got worse and worse. it felf like i was in outer space which servere electrical activity began happening in my brain, and it felt like my head was goin too explode, i thought i was going too die, i remember thinking that this will never end and eventually somthing will go bang and i will die becuase the brain cant withstand this much suffering. i even made peace with the fact that i would die and at least this nightmare will end.
      i finnally snapped out of it and didnt know who or where i was or even the meaning of life, so after i got violently sick and went too bed. ive been on the internet for hours reserching this and im so glad i came across you post because it sounds like our experiences are the same. have you had any problems since? as im a bit worried

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