1. M. Justice M. Justice United States says:

    Well, this is just another waste of scarce research funding on psychosocial psychiatry in never-ending confabulation-fueled hypothesis generation.  This is another facet of the resilience theory of so-called mental disorders.  In reality, "neuroticism" and conscientiousness have primary endogenous causality...i.e. brain based.  If this cohort of psychiatry is firm in its convictions that that disturbances in brain function are caused by environmental factors (meaning everything but something biological) then why does the quest never end to prove these nonsensical psychosocial theories of brain function disorders. This kind of content should have no place in a biological "psychiatry" journal.  And btw, one of the tags is Mental Health - which is a metaphor that refers to non-medical psychosocial issues - which also has no place in a respectable medical journal.

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