1. Justin  Randal Justin Randal United States says:

    We all know animals do things that at first may seem to have no reason like when your dog drags its butt across the carpet but in fact it has a purpose like a cat eating grass and other odd things we may see like a cow eating the after-birth from a calf she may of just had or even another cow joining in on the feast these things all have a definite reason so if animals display what may seem to be homosexual behavior it serves a purpose other than the animal likes a same sex partner it is serving a purpose and filling a need, perhaps like a group of females living together so no single male can have his way with each one, or to protect a female who is not ready to mate or other options to be sure all the young are conceived and born and raised at the prime time not because they are a group of butch females.Don't forget that until modern times when people who had made the choice to be gay, humans made a deliberate effort to conceal that choice (that's a human trait) apparently animals don't try to hide things that are required to keep living HOMO-sexuality is a HOMO-sapien thing connected with sexual desire, human thinking and a soul which most people believe animals don't have

    • Natalie Natalie United States says:

      Homo means nothing more than "the same." Homozygous twins, for example, are identical, ie the same. Homosexuals like the same sex. Homosexuality was not created my H. sapiens. Being gay was looked down upon because it was out of the ordinary in many cultures, but not all cultures. It was hidden for the same reasons it's hidden today. You can choose to hide or reveal something, you cannot choose how your brain works.

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