1. Kelly E Savery Kelly E Savery United States says:

    I started having wide spread body pain at the age of 17 after a severe car accident 1991-1992, and I dealt with the pain, I talk to my doctors over the years and they look at me like I had three heads until 2002 when I had a doctor look at me and say you can no longer work with the amount of pain your in through out your body and I am going to give you some meds, but I didn't have a diagnosis, and then it 2010 I took a bad fall and herniated a disc in my neck and the doctor I was with finally looked at me and said that the wide spread pain I had in my body fit a syndrome called Fibromyagia, and that the other problems I was having the disrupted sleep, body pain, fatigue was all connected.. Since then I have tried a lot of medications such as Lyrica, Gab, Celexa, Effexor, Cymbalta and many more some with some major side effects, some that worked great until my body got use to them, some of them I am still on, such as shots every month, I am looking for alternitives.. tired of the roller coaster..

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