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The Wild World of Plasma Proteomics

Daniel HornburgVP of ProteomicsSeer

Discover the forefront technologies fueling advancements in plasma proteomics in this episode of omg OMx, Bruker's science-driven podcast. Join host Kate Stumpo and Daniel Hornburg, Seer's VP of Proteomics, as they explore innovative techniques such as nanoparticle-based enrichment and mass spectrometry refinements that enable unbiased, comprehensive, and rapid proteomics analysis. 

Daniel Hornburg | omg OMx Podcast | Ep. 4

About the speaker

Daniel is an accomplished scientific leader in precision omics, utilizing a blend of academic and industry experience to effectively develop and implement multi-omics solutions, with proven hands-on and leadership experience in analyzing the proteome, metabolome, lipidome, with mass spec and interpreting molecular data through customized machine-learning strategies. He has a strong background in driving technology advancements and uncovering new biological insights in fast-paced environments such as startups and early-stage companies.

omg OMx host: Kate Stumpo, Senior Market Manager at Bruker



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