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Natural products: the next frontier in drug discovery

Pelle SimpsonSenior ScientistEnveda Biosciences

In this episode of the omg OMx podcast, Bruker's Kate Stumpo talks to Pelle Simpson, Senior Scientist at Enveda Biosciences. Join them as they discuss Pelle's experiences and how Enveda Biosciences is using natural products to shape drug discovery. 

Pelle Simpson | omg OMx Podcast | Ep. 6

About the speaker

Pelle Simpson, senior scientist

Pelle Simpson is a Senior Scientist at Enveda Biosciences, where he uses his expertise in analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry, and natural products to discover new drugs. He has previously developed methods for the analysis of small-molecule natural products at the VU University in Amsterdam, and has worked on the discovery of cancer resistance mechanisms at CU Boulder. He is also an expert in 3D printing, CAD/CAM, CNC, and lab automation, which he uses to develop new tools and techniques for drug discovery. Pelle is passionate about using his skills to make a difference in the world and is committed to finding new treatments for diseases.

Kate Stumpo, omg OMx

omg OMx host: Kate Stumpo, Senior Market Manager at Bruker


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