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SpatialOMx - Mass Spectrometry and the Future of Spatial Biology

Ramon SunAssociate Professor of Biochemistry
& Molecular Biology
University of Florida

Dive into the future of spatial biology in this second episode of Bruker's omg OMx podcast series. In this episode, Kate Stumpo speaks with Ramon Sun, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on the topic of SpatialOMx, the future generations of researchers and the role of mass spectrometry in the future of spatial biology research. Watch the full episode below.

Ramon Sun | omg OMx Podcast | Ep. 2

About the speaker

Ramon's current research focuses on understanding the molecular events connecting complex carbohydrates to cellular metabolism, signaling and physiology, with a strong emphasis on disease etiology of lung cancers, ewing's Sarcoma, and dementia. Complex carbohydrates such as glycogen, glycolipids, and N-linked glycans play critical roles in cellular energetic, protein folding/activity, cellular interactions, and cell membrane integrity. The primary research goal of his lab is to elucidate signaling pathways that modulate complex carbohydrate metabolism and how they are connected to cellular and organismal physiology in neoplastic and aging diseases.

omg OMx host: Kate Stumpo, Senior Market Manager at Bruker


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