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Deriving Deeper Biological Insight & Improving Productivity in Immune-Cell Biology

The most common in vitro methods for immunologists to analyze cells of the immune system are flow cytometry, PCR and various forms of ELISA. Together, these enable quantification of different cell populations at the molecular and functional level (‘immuno-phenotyping’) and measurement of immune responses, for example, cytokine release.

While these platforms are extremely powerful, they provide little insight into morphology and the spatial interactions of cells. Moreover, as ‘end-point’ measures, they are not well suited to report on the dynamic changes in biology over time.

In this webinar, Dr. Del Trezise will discuss:

  • Real-time live-cell analysis
  • The use of automated time-lapse imaging for the kinetic quantification of and functional analysis of immune cells
  • A number of case studies including T cell proliferation and clustering, phagocytosis, chemotaxis, cytolysis and viral infection assays

Del Trezise, PhD

Speaker: Del Trezise, PhD.

Del Trezise is a highly experienced researcher and leader in the cell-based assay field, with over 25 years of experience in academic, pharmaceutical and biotech settings. Trained to PhD. level in pharmacology and physiology, his postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge, UK focussed on cell signalling pathways in primary sensory neurones.

He went on to pursue a 15-year career in applied drug discovery across a number of divisions of GlaxoSmithKline including senior positions in Neuroscience, Biological Reagents and Assay Development and Compound Screening. In 2009, he left his Director role to co-found Essen BioScience Ltd, a specialist cell-based assay solution provider, where he is currently European Site Head and R&D leader. He has published >35 original papers, reviews and book chapters mostly in the cell-based assay research field.  

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