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Introducing new digital tools to enhance raw material verification

This webinar will present the new virtual companion to the Thermo Scientific TruScan RM Handheld Raman Analyzer, the Virtual TruScan RM (VTR) App, which creates efficiencies in material identity verification. This first-of-its-kind digital tool puts the TruScan RM’s decision algorithm in the cloud and allows for method validation and spectral re-processing without the need for a physical sample. 

With the VTR app, wait times and costs associated with shipping materials are reduced, and quarantined materials are released into production faster. Method validation, maintenance, and oversight may be controlled by a central location, which frees other sites to focus on production and delivering on quality commitments.

VTR users have access to any method or signature uploaded to their "Connect" account in the Thermo Fisher Cloud, rather than only those stored on an isolated instrument, extending materials coverage with minimal invested time.  

In this webinar, Thermo Fisher Scientific will discuss the main functionalities of the VTR App that empower users to:  

  • Validate TruScan RM Handheld Analyzer methods in the cloud without the need for physical samples
  • Test against a complete library of materials with one click
  • Generate interactive and exportable reports
  • Standardize method validation processes across an organization
  • Upload methods, signatures, and runs generated on a TruScan RM Handheld Raman Analyzer to your account on "Connect"

About the speaker

Mrs. Guerra is the Global Digital and Data Science Leader for handheld devices at Thermo Fisher Scientific. She is responsible for building and supporting the execution of the digital strategy by the Digital Science team.   

Antonia has almost a decade of experience in business development, marketing, and operations in the healthcare, FMCG, and education industries. Prior to Thermo Fisher Scientific, Antonia worked in Switzerland, implementing commercial strategies and achieving process efficiencies. With her learning agility and adaptability, she was able to quickly gain trust and credibility with customers, building constructive professional relationships.

Before moving her career into industry, she spent one year in China teaching international students. Mrs. Guerra holds a master’s in business administration (MBA) from the University of Manchester in the UK. Currently residing in England, Antonia enjoys being a STEM ambassador, mentoring students, skiing, and doing yoga.

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