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Reassessing Potency Analysis: Investigation of Interferences and Method Specificity Using Liquid Chromatography-Ultraviolet Detection and Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Analysis of cannabinoids is critical to the cannabis industry for product labeling and because product value is often based primarily on potency values. Although no standardized method exists, liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection, LC-UV, has become the most popular technique.

There is concern potency values are not consistent among labs even when the same technique is used. Methods typically consist of a simple extraction and dilution before LC-UV analysis.

In this talk, as part of the Analytical Cannabis Symposium at Pittcon 2018, Julie Kowalski discusses reassessing the cannabis potency analysis. Watch the full presentation below:

Julie Kowalski - Reassessing Potency Analysis from AZoNetwork on Vimeo.

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