Saving Time and Money with Laboratory Information Management Systems

Savings from Clarity

To save time and money, Denmark-based global biotechnology company Novozymes turned to a Managed Services contract from LabVantage for its integrated LIMS deployment.

The company, which makes microorganisms and enzymes used in food, detergents, feed and several other products, has relied on LabVantage LIMS since its early days.

Novozymes has been using the current technology platform since 2006. The system is interfaced to SAP, as well as six other MRP systems. With nearly 400 users across countries from China, Denmark, Brazil, India and the US, LabVantage LIMS is critical to the quality of enzyme production from Novozymes.

However, when issues occurred, it was often difficult to identify which of the many vendors supporting IT was responsible for delivering a solution. Novozymes upgraded to as newer version of LabVantage LIMS in 2013, making the simple request that LabVantage own everything.

We have historically spent a lot of time asking ourselves, ‘Is this an issue our hosting partner should solve or something LabVantage should solve? It was a waste of time discussing all this, so now it has become much, much easier with the Managed Services. The largest improvement seen is that time spent on issues when they appear has gone dramatically down.

Henning Nielsen, Senior Manager, IT and Technology Development, Novozymes


Switch to Managed Services

Since early 2014, LabVantage Managed Services has provided full lifecycle application management services for Novozymes. This includes 24/7 support, a dedicated team, proactive monitoring and proactive planning for enhancements and upgrades.

LabVantage owns daily monitoring of the production environment, bug fixing, validation testing and documentation support, installation services, system upgrades and environment maintenance.

Nielsen states that Novozymes staff still handle some functional support internally and escalate to LabVantage as necessary. However, all technical issues are immediately sent to LabVantage. The main advantage comes from proactive monitoring, which reduces or eliminates problems in the first place.

As part of the contract, they are monitoring the system... so we don’t see that many issues. On top of that, we see a faster solution because they have the full responsibility.

Henning Nielsen, Senior Manager, IT and Technology Development, Novozymes

LabVantage Managed Services assigns a dedicated staff to oversee all services and provide a single point of contact. “They know the installations for the customers where they are managing the services,” Nielson says. “You get an expert on your installation and they can react much faster than a general support department.”

Next Steps

In mid-2018, Novozymes deployed a cloud-based architecture from LabVantage and then upgrading to the LabVantage LIMS v8. “We’ll get that for free, so to speak,” Nielsen explains about the update. “You can stay current without having to find money for an upgrade project because it’s part of our Managed Services contract.”

Words of Wisdom

Nielson “strongly recommends” a Managed Services contract for LIMS deployments because reducing the number of vendors involved speeds up the resolution of conflicts by increasing clarity of responsibility. “We know who to call and don’t have to find first where the issue is located,” he explains.

Managed Services eliminated the overlap between multiple vendors and reduces the need for internal resources.

We have saved in other places by reducing the number of vendors.

Henning Nielsen, Senior Manager, IT and Technology Development, Novozymes

About LabVantage Solutions

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