LabVantage LIMS Platform for Lab Management

Both small and large companies trust LabVantage—the most flexible and commercially available informatics solution—across various industries to operate their laboratories.

LabVantage’s platform helps users to run their laboratories in a more efficient way, allowing them to automate tasks and integrate them with their systems and instruments.

With LabVantage’s rugged and flexible system, as well as experienced professional services team, users can reduce the risk of project failures or delays. When the system is live, it easily adapts to the emerging business needs of users’ organizations. LabVantage not only reduces the total cost of ownership but also minimizes the training and maintenance costs.

The platform

LabVantage’s in-depth solution incorporates scientific data management system (SDMS), laboratory execution system (LES), electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), and laboratory information management system (LIMS) capabilities.

When the SDMS, LES, and ELN are integrated into the LIMS, reliable user experience is maintained and the necessity to handle costly complex interfaces or various vendor solutions is also restricted.

With an LES and ELN, the LabVantage platform prevents unwanted paper records and assists users to effortlessly capture, arrange, and handle data, while teaming up on test execution workflows and experiments across their organizations.

With LabVantage’s built-in SDMS, instrument-related data can be captured easily and securely. With flexible and rugged storage options, it reduces data bottlenecks, eases users’ data management, and guarantees data integrity. Users can boost the productivity of their laboratories with LabVantage’s fully integrated platform.

LabVantage 8.4

LabVantage is constantly innovating, making sure that its latest platform remains up to date. The most recent edition of LabVantage features several new and productivity-improving updates:

  • Updated data privacy
  • Updated bulk data import
  • Updated customer specifications
  • All new work assignment and resource planning (WAP) module
  • Innovative master data navigator
  • Latest automated issue-tracking and submission
  • And many new features

The unrivaled WAP is the most rugged and powerful module available at present. Together, these enhancements result in easier and more efficient laboratory management. Such improvements will considerably support all system users and laboratory managers to optimally handle workflow, resources, and time.