Breakthrough in prostate cancer research

A group of researchers from the CHUM Research Centre and the Polytechnique Montreal has recently developed a new method to enhance the detection of aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

Breakthrough in prostate cancer research

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The team analyzed samples from 483 prostate cancer patients with a Renishaw inVia™ Raman microscope. The team applied a combination of Raman microspectroscopy with machine learning techniques to obtain results. They were able to collect Raman spectra of the samples and then trained algorithms to automatically identify and classify particular signatures of healthy tissue, intraductal carcinoma of the prostate, and other forms of prostate cancer.

“It's going to be easier to actually deal with the disease before it spreads and before it's generalised.” explained Dominique Trudel, one of the researchers on the project.

The team’s new technique is being heralded as a complete turning point in the treatment of prostate cancer, it is considerably faster and less expensive than existing methods and has so far offered accurate diagnoses in almost nine out of ten cases. Additional testing is necessary to validate the technique before it can be rolled out for widespread use in a hospital setting.

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