The 108 range of sputter coaters has been expanded to include a new Special Equipment version of the Automatic Coater Product No. 7002. The new 108 Auto/SE is intended for use in applications where the coating thickness must have a very high degree of uniformity. The chamber size has been increased to 150mm diameter to accommodate the Rotary-Planetary-Tilting stage developed for the 208HR High Resolution Coater model.


  • Increased Chamber Diameter: Chamber size has been increased to permit coating of larger samples. Standard chamber 150mm diameter x 165mm.
  • Target Shutter: Target shutter has been added to condition special targets prior to coating.
  • Variable Chamber Geometry (optional): Adjustable chamber height is used to improve coating uniformity and vary the deposition rate from 0.0001 to 1.0nm/ sec.
  • Sample Stage Movements (optional): Separate rotary, planetary and tilting sample movements to optimize coating distribution and coverage.
  • Superior Sputter Head Design: Stronger magnetic field for improved deposition rate.