The 108C Auto Carbon Coater Special Equipment version has now become available for the 108 Carbon Coater series. The 108C Auto/SE Carbon Coater has the same technical specifications regarding the carbon coating capabilities as the standard 108C Auto Carbon Coater. The special feature of the Auto/SE is the larger, 150mm diameter chamber which will accommodate the optional Rotary Tilting Stage or Rotary Planetary Tilting Stage. The advantage of using the Rotary Planetary Tilting Stage is that highly topographic specimens or larger specimens can be uniformly coated to give better conductivity when performing EDX analysis on such specimens. For more demanding TEM, STEM, EBSD and microprobe applications the 208C High Vacuum Turbo Carbon Coater is the carbon coater of choice.

The 108C Auto/SE Carbon Coater can be fitted with an optional MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor. Resolution is better than 0.1nm for carbon. Careful use of the monitor and evaporation controller gives better than 5% reproducibility of coating thickness in the useful 15nm to 25nm range.