The HMT-2258 Manual Rotary Microtome offers a sleek, but sturdy, straightforward instrument for sectioning of paraffin embedded tissue. The HMT-2258 Manual Rotary Microtome is a cost-efficient and compact unit designed to meet the microtomy needs of all standard histology laboratories. The smooth counter-balanced hand wheel allows freedom of control but limits fatigue. The wheel may be locked in any position. The universal cassette block holder with self-contained level affords versatility and multiple angle adjustments for different tissues or embedding demands. The coarse advance wheel allows a controlled approach for efficient trimming. The section thickness window is easily viewed and adjusted on the front of the instrument.

The HMT-2258 Manual Rotary Microtome includes a knife holder capable of handling both high and low profile blades. The knife holder has smooth lateral movement to utilize the full length of the cutting blade and slides easily onto the dovetail base. For added safety, the knife holder comes equipped with an attached knife guard to cover the blade when the instrument is unattended. The knife guard also contains an ejecting pin mechanism for safe and simple removal and disposal. The knife clearance angle, 0 - 10°, can be adjusted on the knife holder base. A waste tray slides effortlessly under the front of the unit and is easily removed for cleaning.


  • Universal cassette block holder
  • with self-contained level
  • Versatile lock on hand wheel
  • Full lateral movement of knife holder
  • Safety knife guard/blade ejector
  • Easy-to-clean waste tray
  • Compact, sleek and sturdy design