The 208HR High Resolution Sputter Coaters from Cressington offer real solutions to the problems encountered when coating difficult samples for FESEM imaging. FESEM applications need extremely thin, grain-free, uniform coatings to eliminate charging and to improve contrast on low density materials. In order to minimize the effects of grain size the 208HR offers a full range of coating materials and gives unprecedented control over thickness and deposition conditions. The 208HR Turbo Pumped High Vacuum System offers a wide range of operating pressures allowing precise control of both uniformity and conformity of the coating, minimizing charging effects. The HIGH / LOW chamber configuration allows easy adjustment of the distance from target to sample. The MTM-20 High Resolution Thickness Controller has a resolution of better than 0.1nm. This enables precise and reproducible thin coatings, especially in the range of 0.5 - 3nm, a thickness desirable for FESEM applications.

Preferred Coating Materials for FESEM Applications are:

  • Pt/Pd: General-purpose high resolution coating material for non-conducting specimens
  • Cr: Excellent for semi-conductor materials and high resolution back scattered electron imaging
  • Ir: Excellent, virtually grain-free coating material

The 208HR system is available in a number of configurations to enable to deliver the best high resolution coatings for your applications. The208HR can be supplied with a standard rotary backing pump or a dry scroll pump for clean room applications. The standard 208HR includes both Chromium and Platinum/Palladium as target materials. There is also a 208HR Iridium including an Iridium target providing excellent grain-free coating for high resolution FE-SEM imaging on a wide variety of samples.

Main features

  • Wide choice of Coating Materials. Magnetron head design and effective gas handling allow a wide choice of target materials.
  • Precision Thickness Control. Thickness optimized for FESEM operating voltage using the MTM-20 High Resolution Thickness Controller.
  • Multi-angle Stage Movements. Separate rotary, planetary and tilting stage movements ensure uniform coating with excellent conformity, even on highly topographic samples.
  • Multiple Sample Holders. Four sample holders are provided to accommodate sample sizes as large as 32mm diameter of up to 6 stubs per holder.
  • Variable Chamber Geometry. Chamber geometry is used to adjust deposition rates from 1.0nm/sec to 0.002nm/sec to optimize structure.
  • Wide Range of Operating Pressures. Independent power and pressure adjustment allows operation at argon gas pressure range of 0.2 - 0.005 mbar.
  • Compact, Modern, Benchtop Design. Space and energy saving design eliminates need for floor space, water or specialized electrical connections.
  • Ease of Operation. System operation and setup is very similar to standard sputter coating and does not require additional cleaning compared to ion beam coaters.