ABL9 blood gas analyzer from Radiometer Medical ApS has been specifically developed for easy, reliable, affordable, on-screen step-by-step user guidance. For settings with few tests per day. Designed for ease of use and with a compact footprint, it seamlessly integrates into various environments.

Utilizing on-screen, step-by-step user guidance, the ABL9 analyzer allows users to effortlessly measure patient samples, providing rapid results on acid-base balance, oxygen levels, and electrolyte status.

Users gain the necessary information to make informed diagnostic decisions for critically ill patients within seconds.

Parameters measured

Source: Radiometer Medical ApS

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Blood gases: pH , pCO2 , pO2
Hematocrit: Hct
Electrolytes: cCa2+ , cCl- , cK+ , cNa+
Metabolites: cLac


The blood gas analyzer designed for easy blood gas testing at the point of care

Tailored for convenient blood gas testing at the point of care, the ABL9 blood gas analyzer delivers reliable results in just 77 seconds, using only 70 microliters of blood. Engineered by Radiometer's experts, this clever and user-friendly blood gas analyzer ensures ease of use.

The ABL9 blood gas analyzer

Video Credit: Radiometer Medical ApS

Explore the video to witness how the ABL9 analyzer has been meticulously designed to enhance patient care. To delve deeper into point-of-care blood gas testing with the ABL9 blood gas analyzer, contact us and discover its intuitive, swift, and cost-effective features.