Automate and simplify your blood gas sampling and data capture all the way from test order to reported results with 1st Automatic, Radiometer’s complete solution for safer and faster arterial blood gas testing.

1st Automatic combines blood gas analyzers, samplers and data management to ensure the right result for the right patient at the right time. That gives you the freedom to focus on patient care, not testing.

Ensure automatic positive patient identification at the bedside, sample integrity, workflow efficiency and greater operator safety with 1st Automatic.

Operator safety

Caregivers who take dozens of blood gas samples every day deserve a safe working environment. The integrated needle shield device on the safePICO syringe protects against needlestick injury and the safeTIPCAP allows safe removal of air bubbles and seals the sample.

Sample integrity

Sample integrity is the foundation for a result you can trust. 1st Automatic and the safePICO syringe help you ensure a clot-free and homogeneous sample with no room-air contamination. This means fewer preanalytical errors. Plus you are less likely to need retesting due to questionable results.

Data accuracy

With 1st Automatic, you'll get the right results to the right place at the right time. Register each sample directly at the bedside with FLEXLINK: All the patient's records will be immediately and automatically updated, with no worries about manual data entry or transcription errors. 1st Automatic also helps avoid patient identification errors.

Workflow efficiency

1st Automatic simplifies and automates your blood gas testing process, reducing manual steps, so you can focus on your patient.  No more waiting for results to be printed out: 1st Automatic sends them directly to wherever they are needed.