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Accelerate patient flow with point-of-care testing

Point-of-care (POC) testing has many advantages, such as:

  • A significant reduction in turnaround times [1]
  • The ability to improve the patient pathway and help increase clinical efficiency [2]
  • The potential to mitigate overcrowding [3]

The AQT90 FLEX analyzer’s closed tube system brings ease of use of POC testing to a new level.

Take the collection tube and insert it into the AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer. Then get the results delivered directly through the HIS/LIS system to the medical records.

Simply Drop'n'Go.

Read more about the extensive range of biomarkers

Heart failure: NT-proBNP

Myocardial infarction: TnI, TnT, CKMB, Myo

Venous thromboembolism: D-dimer

Infection: PCT, CRP

Pregnancy: ßhCG

The immunoassay analyzer can be your Simple Zone

Welcome to The Simple Zone, where point-of-care (POC) testing is as simple as Drop'n'Go.

The AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer is a POC device where no manual pipetting, sample or test kit preparation are needed. You test using whole blood or plasma samples* — simply Drop'n'Go.

*For the D-dimer assay, only whole blood samples can be used.

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Make critical decisions fast

Fast turnaround time at the point of care has the potential to improve the quality of care [3].

The AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer delivers reliable results with a fast turnaround time. It has the capability to run up to 5 different tests per blood sample. The AQT90 FLEX covers an extensive range of critical biomarkers at POC.

You get results in 11-21 minutes based on the biomarker you’re testing. The immunoassay analyzer allows you to initiate up to 30 tests per hour – you can manage more patients at the same time.

AQT90 Flex with nurse and doctor

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Meet your regulatory needs

Meet compliance and regulatory demands with the AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer. The analyzer includes:

  • 24/7 connectivity to HIS/LIS directly
  • Reliable results with built-in QC

You can also manage multiple AQT90 FLEX analyzers with the AQURE POC IT solution. Stay ahead of compliance and accreditation needs with AQURE. It allows you to monitor analyzers and manage operators and quality controls across multiple sites. And this can all be done without leaving your desk.

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Optimize your resources with POCT

Overcrowding in the ED is a widely acknowledged problem and can have an impact on the rest of the hospital.

However fast turnaround times with POC technologies can help speed up diagnosis and treatment processes. It can also reduce contingencies and process costs [4].

The AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer is a reliable solution. It supports healthcare institutions that need to accelerate patient flow.

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Make timely treatment decisions based on immunoassay tests without the worry of biotin interference.

Test results show biotin concentration well below the level recommended by the FDA and with no notable effect on the AQT90 FLEX assays.