Arterial Cannulae from Edwards

The Arterial Cannulae from Edwards is designed with the ability to go more places, help facilitate ease of insertion and promote optimal protection and performance.

  • Specifically designed to help you protect your patients during on-pump cardiac surgery by minimizing trauma to the aorta and by enabling less invasive surgical techniques.
  • Available in a variety of configurations designed for ease-of-use, regardless of individual surgical techniques.
  • Available in configurations designed to offer gentle dispersion flow and protect patients from the potential dangers of embolic dislodgement.

OptiSite Arterial Cannulae

The proprietary OptiSite arterial cannula gives you increased flexibility by providing a variety of safe cannulation site options. It is designed to accommodate multiple surgical techniques and clinician preferences.

  • Proprietary ultra thin wall technology for enhanced flow and flexibility
  • Unique blunt tip introducer allows safe insertion
  • Innovative locking feature designed to prevent push-back of the introducer and facilitate a smooth insertion