Cardioplegia Cannulae from Maquet

MAQUET offers a range of different antegrade cardioplegia cannulae. The antegrade cardioplegia cannulae are used as infusion cannulae for cardioplegic solutions. The solution is perfused through the aortic root into the coronary arteries. They may also be used as drainage and de-airing cannulae for left ventricular relaxation and aortic arch de-airing during cardiac bypass. With the retrograde cardioplegia cannula, the solution is perfused through the coronary sinus.


The cardioplegia cannula is supplied with a stainless steel trocar needle and features an innovative security system: on removal, the steel tip of trocar retracts completely into a protective sheath to prevent injury

Luer-lock connectors, a soft cannula attachment flange and a transparenet grip offer safe, ergonomic handling

The MAQUET retrograde cardioplegia cannula is used for perfusing cardioplegic solutions via the coronary sinus, and available in self-inflating balloon and manual inflating balloon versions. Administration of the cardioplegia solution through the primary lumen of the catheter inflates the soft polyurethane balloon automatically. The inflated balloon seals and fixes the catheter tip safely in the coronary sinus. The manual inflation version has a third lumen for filling the balloon manually.

Pressure Monitoring
The pressure at the cannula tip can be monitored at any time using the measuring lumen

Simple Insertion and Positioning
Both the automatic and manual cannulae are available with flexible or rigid stylet for simple insertion and positioning within the coronary sinus