Intergard Silver Grafts from Maquet

Designed to reduce the risk of graft-related infection from MRSA, P.aeruginosa, and S.epidermidis, INTERGARD SILVER is the first antimicrobial graft on the market. The safety and benefits of INTERGARD SILVER grafts have been clinically proven for more than 10 years and in more than 150,000 implants. INTERGARD SILVER is available in a full range of products, including Woven, Knitted, Knitted UltraThin and Silver UltraThin configurations.


Antimicrobial Effectiveness

  • The majority of vascular graft infections occur at the time of implant or in the immediate postoperative period1. The silver release profile of INTERGARD SILVER grafts is designed to be most active during the initial 24 hours post implant, with continuous and substantial release for a 7-day period.
  • The initial surface concentration of silver on a sterile INTERGARD SILVER graft demonstrates effectiveness against MRSA, P.aeruginosa, and S.epidermidis, with sustained effectiveness against S.epidermidis beyond seven days2,3.

Validated for Use with Rifampicin

  • INTERGARD SILVER is validated for intended use with rifampicin loading, making it the first choice for routine prophylactic usage.