HEMASHIELD GOLD Knitted Double Velour Vascular Grafts from Maquet

The HEMASHIELD grafts are the most used, most studied vascular products available in the market today. More than 2 million HEMASHIELD grafts have been implanted worldwide, demonstrating clinical efficacy and improved outcomes. These grafts have superior healing, improved tissue ingrowth, higher patency, excellent biocompatibility, and proven efficacy.

HEMASHIELD GOLD Knitted Double Velour Vascular Grafts are collagen-impregnated and come in straight, bifurcated, or axillo-bifemoral options of varying lengths.
Specially formulated for excellent healing:

  • Provides initial blood-tight seal for improved hemostasis
  • Promotes formation of a smooth, thin pseudointima
  • Enhances graft patency
  • Provides controlled resorption for uniform tissue ingrowth

Exceptional handling characteristics for improved efficiency:

  • Soft, flexible material conforms to host vessel for easier anastomosis
  • Smooth needle passage and excellent suture retention helps reduce bleeding at the anastomosis
  • Highly compliant material promotes a snug fit at the anastomosis